Friday, September 30, 2011

I've decide to move on and try something on my logo.

Design Virtuoso sounds a little too arrogant to me, and blasphemy. Virtuoso means either skillful performer/music instrument player or genius in art like music, art, etc. So I went in and bash some ideas.

The octopus came out a winner. Don't worry, my rock 'n roll portfolio concept stays the same. It's just the logo that i want to update and it can stand on its on without needing a concept.

It does link to my octopus tattoo well. It made sense. (the brush out part in the business card is for privacy for now.)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


This is awesome news!
I did one of the stories. Check it out. Pass along to your friends and even comic freaks!

I'll be at the Rage Expo to promote the Graphic Novel and my posters. Support us or I'll beat you senseless

SKYVE: volume 01 Tales of flying elephants, sasquatch drummers, inner struggles and space adventures. Four South African artists/writers have come together to merge four wildly different worlds inside one book. Take an unexpected journey with Loxo the elephant as he discovers the hazards of air travel. Join the Dead End Kids in their struggle to achieve rock stardom, despite the hazards thrown their way. Walk on the dark side of a troubled girl's psyche in Bad In My Skin. Then get lost among the stars with the Commander. Just be sure to stick to her rules. From the deepest reaches of someone's mind to the furthest reaches of space, Skyve is sure to take you somewhere new in its first exciting issue.


Price: R120

Delivery: R50
Takes 3 - 4 working days once comic arrives.
Comes with tracking number.
Ships any where with in South Africa.

For international shipping please email


The first 15 copies ordered are signed by the artists and writers involved. And are sold at R100! Be sure to pre-order your copy. SKYVE Vol 01 arrives in October :D:D
(All Signed copies, SOLD OUT)


For the order to be placed, or for any questions you may have please email
To see a PREVIEW mail us and ask or check out the FaceBook page.