Friday, November 13, 2009

My studio

This what my "studio" look like before i started to my make changes. I just recently got the Light Box/Drawing board. When i got the drafting chair from my good friend, JJ. I realized the chair is too high for me to work on the light box sitting the desk you see now and i can't lower the chair at all. I even checked on the other desk where my pc sit, still too high. Luckily, i can get the table desk(the pc desk) go higher. I went on a mission to move stuffs around and sort out my wires underneath the desk.

Here's the changes, The table on the left higher for my drafting chair and lightbox switched with the pc. It makes it easier, i think.

Introducing the light box/drawing board. I love this tool. It's starting speed up my process a little. Once i get hang of it. I'll be drawing like a robot, hopefully. hehe.

There ya go! my little studio...

1 comment:

  1. SO AWESOME! I want a light box :)