Monday, January 18, 2010

My process...

Here's how I draw a page or so...
First I draw some scabs (or thumbnails) for the layout of the page. I tend to draw small and quick. It's easier that way to see if the composition is working of not. This page was an afterthought since I expanded out my story a little...

My scanner was not working. So, I had to take photo's. Sorry about that.

Since I don't know to draw Godzilla (or "Gojira" for those Japanese fans). I surfed the net and print out some references to keep it close by when I draw the page:

As you see this page wasn't working for me. So, I came with an better solution.
I already did the second page. I took the the same layout of the second page and traced the panels, that way i know where to draw and how big can I draw.

Here's my second try. I made it more fun and the joke is that this page tells the viewer that this page is the wrong story... At the bottom, there will be a mini version of me explaining this is the wrong scene of the actual story. At the top right is a balloon thought of Gojira's girlfriend. I didn't like it, the mouth didn't look right.

I traced the balloon thought and added the the mini me.

Her's the final page in blue line. But previous two pages combined to make the final layout. I used the reference of Godzilla in the far left of the Godzilla references I printed out. The texture of that reference helped me to get the feel of the Godzilla scales and how his face looks like.

So, there you go. The tracing process are done on my light box in case you wondering.

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