Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thrice: an influence and a music journey...

*EDITED* One of the bands that influence me throughout the years starting from the day my friend handed the copy disc of Illusion of Safety. The band was called Thrice...I was hooked onto the desperate and urgency of Thrice. From the vocals to the beats, it was a bliss.

Thrice is four guys all the way from Irvine, California, who just did come together naturally to write great songs since they brought out Identity Crisis. They are the reason I still play guitar and pushed me to play on bass guitar. Their albums were as follow: First Impressions, Identity Crisis, The Illusion of Safety, The Artist in the Ambulance, Vheissu, The Alchemy Index and Beggars.

I haven't heard the First Impressions, Thrice said they were songs they weren't happy with. The first time I heard from them was from the rocksound magazine during the The Artist in The Ambulance period(TAITA).

My friend lent me to Illusion of Safety and TAITA. At first, I wasn't used to screaming yet, but was going through the phase of understanding the screaming in the Screamo and Metalcore genres that was starting to get popular during that time.

Each of the guys in Thrice was important to the band, take one out and it wouldn't be Thrice I knew now. Each album they brought out, they grew progressively into better musicians. They never stick the same formula or keep the same style, but still be the Thrice.

They even inspired me to start recording songs like what they did in The Alchemy Index albums(there's two volume. I recommend both of them). They made their own recording studio and wrote The Alchemy Index and Beggars with out a producer. Teppei (guitarist) mixed and produced both albums.

The bassist, Eddie Brickenridge was a use inspiration to me on my bass playing. He's the reason on how fast I play on my bass and moving into the groove of the songs. I wish i could get his Gibson Grabber, it such a rare bass guitar. I do see the bass guitar popping everywhere. Even Mike Dirnt got it in the young Green Days era.

Thrice holds a special place in my heart.

I will post the comic stuffs soon. bit busy with other stuffs.

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