Monday, August 1, 2011

Some news...

"Yea I know I look worse for the wear.
But I have everything at my fingertips.
I've been infantilized by a pat on the back and an endless go-ahead.
Ain't nothing gonna break my stride.
Ain't nothing gonna slow me down.
Oh no. When there's no one disapproving."

- from a song, "The Sweet Life" by Everytime I Die
Check the band if you have time... Ridiculously CHAOTIC FUN!

Yeah, Just wanted to let everybody know, I'm busy sorting out and putting together posters to sell or give away as promotion benefits. They might be for the RaGE Expo, but I'll have to see if I can make it in time with all the busy life of trying new ideas and experimentations.

I've bought myself a Line 6 DL4 Delay Modeller Pedal, it's a fancy way of saying that i got a delay pedal added to my collection of effect pedal to f*ck up my guitar sounds for fun. Now i can do some weird out trippy passages and some U2 "Where The Street Have No Name" Effect into my guitar playing. It's nice to try something new and move away from distorted chords and dissonant riffage that I usually do. I do get tired of doing metalcore and rock playing, but its nice to break the routine of soft verse, then big distorted chorus and the back to verse in the same two pedals and have for awhile now.

In case of the two other pedals I got, both are Roland Boss pedal, one the Super Overdrive to push the amp tone up a bit and Metal Zone (or is that Metal Tone) for distortion. Metal Zone is not for metal sound but just for distortion, I don't like metal sound due to that its too much gain. Arg! I just lower the gain to keep up from getting pitchy distortion.

Enough guitar geek talk.

The Poster I've posted up you see now, have been send to the competition for the prize of the Oppikoppi ticket and a A1 poster of the poster that's been handed in. I know the interpretation of the theme was a little bit too literal. But at the end of the day, I had fun drawing it, especially the devil. The colours came together well and the fire look fire-ry. Yay, I didn't care if I win or not, the fun and passion is what mattered to me.


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