Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I did post this before, but that was a test to see how to add images from my deviant art account. In which i didn't like the way the box view it.

I always suck at drawing super heroes. It is because A) Superheroes don't appeal to me much (Even though there are really some good ones out there), B) I don't see myself drawing them. I'm more of a Indies Type comic books like Oni Press, Vertigo, Image, Dark Horse and among others. This was a little test to see if my style would work for superheroes type faces like superman and among others. There are other faces that just popped in my head, so I had to draw them... :) The supes are (From the Top Left): Ghost-rider, Spider-man, Blue Devil (should have not draw the teeth), Wildcat (a faves), Superman, Batman and Martian Manhunter (Don't think I did him justice, sorry).

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