Friday, October 9, 2009

Welcome to my first blog...

It took awhile to get hang of my blog. You will notice changes over the time due to that I will be screwing around the layout. Till I finally happy with the look and feel.

This is where I'm going to post drawing and infos on my comic book called "B-Side: Untypical Roll 'n Roll Story". I've already started on the characters and stuffs, but they will be posted up as soon as possible.

Just bear with me as I get around posting stuffs here and there.

Here's first drawing i did awhile ago. Just to get hang of the characters:

They are: Jesse, Mitch and Damian. The names might change, I'm still working on the character names. My fave character to draw is obviously Damian. The elk dude, he's going to be the main character. I will not reveal the story yet, still some plot-holes to sort out.

So there you go, my first post. Yay!!

UPDATE: Well, I've decided not to screw around with layout. Just wanna keep it simple as possible to let my work stand. out.

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