Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My influences...

I've decided to talk about my influences that made me to pursue comic art world or the illustration world for that matter...

I've been reading comics since my father introduced them to me... It ruled my world. From there i wanted to be spider-man, Flash, Bat-man, Super-man and He-man. Ha ha, theses were the best time. I even asked my mom to get or make the clothes. I remember the times I draw over the white shirts, imagining that I'm that superhero for while. Till my mom would shout at me for drawing over the shirts, and angrily throw them in the washing machine. Sorry, mom.

Comics also made me love carton like the Disney's and TV shows i sit watch, taking it all in. I started tracing the superheroes, I think that where i started to get into drawing comics.

Fantasy, sci-fi and adventure film and shows were the best things for me to watch when i was growing up during the primary school and high school years. Battle Chasers Blew my world in to the anime and fantasy world. Joe Madureira was a huge influence during that time. Its sad to hear he stopped drawing comic and went to game industry.

from there i got more interested in other genres like slice of life and mature stuffs from comics and film like Clerks, The Lookout and among other good films.

now, i still read comics, but i tend to read off beat or left field comics as the same way as i listen to music. As speaking music, it kind of influences my drawing stle towards real environment instead of super heroes. I don't know why, maybe i "grew" up. i still like to super hero only if its worth to read it.

Enough about films and growing up. My influences of artist/illustrators/writers/directors are:

Kristian Donaldson: i really like his style and the colors he uses in his comics especially, Supermarket and DMZ. It's kind of the direction i wanted to go for in terms of colors.

Fabio Moon and Gabrielle Ba: The twin that i started to get interested lately. I recommend to check Casanova and Umbrella Academy. They may be twins, but they can draw damn well in their style.

Derek Hess: This guy influence my fine art style during the high school years. I kind of change it, but he still my fave artist to watch.

Brian Wood: My fave comic writer to watch. Please do read, DMZ, Supermarket and Nothlanders. His style of realism and writing influence the way i think in comic books.

Kevin Smith: Clerks made laugh alot. Kevin is a genius when it comes to dialogue and situation he put in environment for his characters. He did also wrote some comics after he done Mallrats.

There's so many more to add, but these are the influences I think predominately help me to be a comic artist i am today. And, lastly, my mom who raised me and supported me to be a good person and never give up the hardship, even though I'm a bit lazy.

UPDATE: I'm gonna change this post later...

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